Vacuum packing machines can be used in any kitchen, domestic and commercial. They enable the sealing of food in air tight packages, easily and quickly. An initial investment is required in order to purchase a vacuum packing machine. But the benefits that result from being able to vacuum pack food provide a good return on this investment.

There are several benefits to be had from using a vacuum packing machine; both financial and practical. Let's examine six of these benefits in more detail.

Increased shelf life

One of the biggest benefits of vacuum packing food is that the process increases shelf life. The vacuum packing machine seals food in an air tight environment which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. This means that food can be stored for longer. For instance, meat that could normally be stored for two days can be stored for as long as six days if kept in a refrigerated environment. The length of time that vacuum packing extends shelf life by depends on various factors including the environment and the standard of the vacuum packing process.

Visibility of product

For any business, the look of a product is often a vital factor in its marketing appeal. Food retailers want their products to appeal to customers. This means that customers need to be able to see what they are purchasing. Vacuum packs are an excellent way to display food. They enable food items to be stored in a healthy and safe refrigerated environment while still being completely visible.

No chemicals involved

Having a vacuum packing machine to use means that individuals, and businesses, can store fresh foods safely without the need for the use of any chemicals. This is ideal for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of chemicals in their diet. It's surprising at just how many preservatives can be present in food. Vacuum packing makes it easier to live without these preservatives, or at least reduce consumption of them.

Improved storage

As mentioned earlier, vacuum packing can enable the storage of food for longer periods. It can also make storage easier. Large food items can be cut down and stored in separate vacuum packs, in order to optimise the storage space that is available. It's also possible to reduce freezer burn on items by using vacuum packs as protection.

Cooking in a different way

Having a vacuum packing machine is not just about food storage and preservation. It can also enable cooking in a different way. Using a vacuum packing machine, food can be prepared for cooking sous-vide.

 When sous-vide cooking first came into use, in the 1970s, many people dismissed it as a fad that would soon disappear. But that has not been the case. Cooking sous vide continues to be popular. It enables the cooking temperature to be controlled and consistent which means that food retains its moisture and tenderness. Spices and herbs can also be added to vacuum packed food before it is cooked, improving its flavour.

Reducing waste

Portion control is important when cooking. But, even with careful planning, sometimes food is leftover. Often leftovers are simply scraped away into a bin. This may not seem important on an individual basis but the wastage adds up and can end up costing a significant amount of money in a twelve month period.

Using a vacuum packing machine means that food can safely be stored away to be eaten at another time. It's important to remember general food hygiene and safety rules when storing food to eat at another time. For instance, re-heating food such as chicken and rice can be dangerous.

Vacuum packing also means that items can be bought in bulk, and some of them stored away for later use. This can be useful in helping to save money while shopping.

A vacuum packing machine is a good investment over time, especially in heavily used domestic kitchens, or commercial kitchens. Initially, it's necessary to invest money in the purchase of the machine. But, money can be saved with the reduction of waste and the ability to buy in bulk. Vacuum packing also helps to make food last longer without the need for potentially dangerous preservatives. Aside from the health and financial benefits that a vacuum packing machine can bring, it can also enable the cooking of food sous-vide, improving the taste and quality of many meals. This is an important consideration in both domestic and commercial kitchens, making a vacuum packing machine a valuable addition.