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Do you have problems opening and contaminating the neck of your vacuum bags? Then we have the solution for you with the WEBOMATIC bag loader which saves time and reduces contamination risks.

With the “quick assistant” Webomatic FKT 800 bag loader, fresh products such as processed meat or cheese products can be filled cleanly and quickly in the automatically inflated vacuum or shrink bag.

The machine operates by using taped bags. If you visit the WEBOMATIC website by clicking here you will see a YouTube video showing the machine and how it works.

Machine is constructed entirely of high quality stainless steel and is of standalone construction with its own power supply. The machine is mobile which makes for easy moving around between different machines as and when required.

Machine dimensions: 1,120 x 460 x 880 mm (W x D x H)

Maximum capacity up to 30 bags per minute.

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Webomatic bag loader

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