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With decades of experience serving the food trade, we at First Food Machinery understand that the importance of secure product packaging. As a small business or a large industrial scale operation, one of your greatest concerns will be maintaining the quality and increasing the shelf life of your food product. In achieving this, we highly recommend the use of vacuum packers which are one of the most popular methods of packaging within the food industry. One of the main reasons vacuum packers are so commonly used is because they are extremely versatile and easy to use.

Whether your business is already using vacuum packers or if you are interested in introducing them to your packaging process, we at First Food Machinery can assist all of your needs.

For businesses that already use vacuum packer technology, at First Food Machinery we have a dedicated team of experienced engineers that are able to service and repair a wide range of commercial vacuum packers at same day or next day call out. As the leading agent of WEBOMATIC we also stock a wide range of spare parts, thus reducing delays in repair and getting your machine operational as soon as possible.

If your business is new to vacuum packer technology or if your business is interested in investing in additional machinery, our friendly team is able to provide customised advice based on your requirements. We can also provide vacuum packer recommendations from our wide range of new, used and ex-demonstration models which include WEBOMATIC brand of machines. WEBOMATIC is a very well known German manufacturer of packaging machinery, and pride themselves on producing high quality, robust machinery that are built to last.

If you would like more information on what machines we have available or would like advice regarding service, repairs and spares please contact our dedicated team via email or phone today.

Vacuum packing is so popular because of how dramatically the packing method can extend shelf life. As you may know, the primary cause of food spoilage is air-borne bacteria. While traditional methods of packaging simply involve wrapping food products to prevent the access of bacteria, a vacuum packer machine physically removes the air surrounding a food product before sealing the package from air access. Air-borne bacteria that would otherwise cause spoilage are therefore unable to access and degrade the food product. As a result vacuum packed product has a far superior shelf life to that which is exposed to air.

Vacuum packing is also popular within the medical industry for the same reason, it prevents the access of bacteria and microbes which could contaminate the product.

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Table Top

Ideal for small butcher shops, caterers, kitchens and farm shops

Single Chamber

Ideal for small to medium sized operations. Very versitile machine available in many seal bar configurations

Double Chamber

Very popular within wholesale butchers, catering butchers and cheese producers

Industrial Vacuum Packers

Designed for high output industrial sized operations

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