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Vacuum sealing is used as a process of extending the shelf life of food by removing air and sealing it within single seal vacuum pack bags. A vacuum pack machine is used to safely store food that has been prepped in advance which will be cooked at a later date.

First Food Machinery supply a wide range of vacuum packaging machine. We are proud to be the UK main agent to WEBOMATIC who is a very well known German manufacturer of packaging machinery. Well renowned for their excellent build quality WEBOMATIC have been developing and manufacturing new vacuum packaging machinery since the 1950’s.

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First Food Machinery
First Food Machinery

First Food Machinery specialise in the distribution, service and repair of WEBOMATIC packaging machine. We also stock a wide range of spare parts which are available for immediate dispatch.

Vacuum chamber machines – (also known as vacuum packers, vacuum sealers or chamber vacuum sealers) ranging from a table top vacuum food sealer machine through to industrial conveyor sized  commercial vacuum sealer machines. This is the most common method of vacuum packing throughout the food industry, mainly because they are so versatile and cheaper to buy. We are proud stockists of table top, single chamber, double chamber and industrial vacuum packers. The product is placed inside the machine on the seal bar, once the lid is closed the air is removed.

Dip tanks, shrink tunnels and dryer units These are designed to compliment your vacuum chamber machine by using shrinkable film rather than standard vacuum bags. The process of shrinking tightens the kitchen vacuum bag around your product further enhancing product presentation.

Tray sealers The optimum method of packaging for product presentation. We offer a range of tray sealers suitable for many applications, some models are available with skin packing which is becoming  an ever more popular style of food preparation throughout supermarkets and the retail trade.

Thermoformers – A similar principle to tray sealing, however the machine uses a bottom film as well at the top film to manufacturer the tray that the product will sit within. By manufacturing your own tray you are saving packaging costs therefore maximising profitability within your business. This method of vacuum packaging and food preservation is extremely popular within the larger UK meat, cheese and fish companies.

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