Vacuum Food Sealers

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Vacuum Food Sealers

The air we breathe is very fertile which allows microbes and germs to grow. Within the food industry this causes food to spoil and to “go off”. Vacuum food sealers also known as vacuum packers are designed to draw air away from product, therefore leaving no air for these germs and mircobes to feed on. Using these machines have become a vital process throughout the food production and manufacturing industries. By drawing the air away from product you are increasing shelf life. This process is becoming ever more popular within the food industry, from restaurants and local farm shops all the way through to more industrial sized operations.

This process is also conducted throughout the medical industry, where the importance of medical components being sterile is greater than ever.

How do Vacuum Food Sealers work?

First step: Evacuation of air

You fill vacuum bags with your product, this is then placed inside the vacuum chamber of the machine. The neck of each bag (open edge) is placed over the sealing bar, you then close the lid. The machine is now in operation and the vacuum pump draws air away from the chamber, therefore away from the bag and ultimately away from the product.

Second optional step (if required and technically possible): MAP function

If your machine is equipped with Modified Air also known as MAP or gas flushing, the chamber of the machine and product bags are filled with protective gas until the set pressure amount is reached.

This process happens after exacuation of air and before sealing of the product bags.

Third step: Sealing

The sealing membrane presses the sealing bars against the counter pressure bar. An electrical impulse heats the sealing wires. The sealable inner sides of the bag are smelted and the bag is now closed.

All machines can be fitted with an optional cut off wire, the allows for excess vacuum bag to be cut off therefore improving the presentation of your product.

Fourth Step: Ventilation

Now your product has been sealed within the vacuum bags air flows into back the chamber. After the pressure between inside and outside the chamber has balanced, the lid of the chamber opens. Now you can take your perfectly vacuum sealed product out of the machine.

Process is then repeated until your required product batch is complete.

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First Food Machinery supply a wide range of machines so whatever the size of your business we are sure to have the right machine available for you.

Shrink film is sometimes used to bring the packaging tighter around your product. This process is very popular as it improves the presentation of your packaged product. By increasing the shelf life of your product you are adding value to not only the product but also to the brand of your business. This therefore will increase your sales and improve the profit level of your business.

You can also increase your product shelf life by using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). This is where preservative gases are injected into your packaging to increase the length of time your product will be fit for consumption. This principle is very popular within the red meat, dairy, fish, poultry, fruit, vegetable, dried food & bakery industries.

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