WEBOMATIC Food Machinery Partner

First Food Machinery Ltd is the UK main agent for WEBOMATIC who is a very well known German manufacturer of vacuum packaging, tray sealing and thermoforming machinery.

Located in Bochum, Germany WEBOMATIC have been manufacturing packaging machinery since 1958. They are well known throughout the industry for their excellent build quality, robustness and innovation.

As a business we have been supplying WEBOMATIC vacuum packaging machinery for over 40 years. Our longest serving engineer has been maintaining WEBOMATIC machinery for over 35 years. There are many older machines still being used daily which pre-dates our longest serving engineer, which is testament to their build quality.

There are different methods of vacuum packaging machinery that we supply. We supply the following packaging machinery:

  • Vacuum Packers, Vacuum Sealers – new , used and often demonstrator machines in stock ready for dispatch
  • Dip Tanks, Shrink Tunnels and Dryer Units – new machines and occasionally demonstrators in stock ready for dispatch
  • Thermoformers - fully automatic packing solutions
  • Tray Sealers  

We also stock a wide range of parts which are available for immediate dispatch, please contact us today for more details.