Webomatic E60U Vacuum Packer


Webomatic E60U Vacuum Packer


The Webomatic E60U is one of our most popular machines. We have a used machine available which is currently in our workshop being reconditioned. The machine will be supplied fully serviced with warranty.

These machines are well known for their robustness and versatility. The E60U comes with 3 sealing bars in a "U" configuration. There are 2 x 450mm sealing bars on the left and right side of the chamber running front to back. There is also a larger 780mm sealing bar at the front running left to right.

This allows a wide variety of products to be packed from smaller packs such as steaks or cheese wedges up to full joints of meat/sides of fish.

A lot of our customers who are tight on space use the E60U due to its compact design, plus they are easy to move around.

Key Features:

  • Machine is built in stainless steel with a special alloy lid (and “bullet proof” product viewing glass).
  • External dimensions – 960 x 670 x 1,000mm
  • 3 sealing bars, 2 x 450mm / 1 x 780mm
  • 200mm max product height
  • LED control board
  • Busch 100 m3/h vacuum pump, internal. 25-35 second cycle time (product dependent)
  • 3 phase machine

For more details please get in touch.