Webomatic Thermoformer


Webomatic Thermoformer


We have available a used Webomatic Thermoformer. Model APS ML-2000.

The machine was originally supplied NEW by us in 2010 and we have maintained the machine since. This ML2000 machine is set up for vacuum only and has been thermoforming retail packs of cheese. Webomatic Thermoformer machines are renowned for their excellent build quality and robustness. These machines are design for high output and represent an ideal alternative to vacuum packing and tray sealing. The main benefit for thermoforming over vacuum packing is that the operators are loading directly in to the machine, therefore only loading once. Thermoformers are very popular for packing cheese, meat , poultry and other food items. These machines are used to packing retail and wholesale packs. Our machine comes with a die-set set up for retail packs of cheese. The machine is equipped with automatic film trim removal and comes with an external stainless steel bin.

Key features: Set up for flexible film Bottom film width-  320mm +2 Top film width –  300mm +1 Repeat/stroke length – 200mm Maximum draw depth – 100mm Current die-set on machine 2:2 configuration ** we can order alternative die-sets upon request ** External pack dimensions = 147.5 x 100mm Internal pack dimensions = 132.5 x 82mm In built Busch 63m3/h vacuum pump Comes with optional trim removable by vacuum in to stainless steel bin

For further information including spec and pricing please get in touch. We will quote including delivery and installation. The machine will also be supplied fully serviced and tested.