Chop Cutters - MHS PCE70-21KM

Chop Cutters - MHS PCE70-21KM

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The NEW MHS PCE70-21KM machine is based off their old model the PCE70-21KS, but with a few new additions to further improve the slicing machine.

The MHS 'KM' range of slicing machines is designed for use in supermarkets and medium sized meat processing plants.

The MHS slicers have precise portioning which produces a flat sliced surface that leaves nearly no bone splinters in the slices. Capable of slicing and portioning fresh, frozen or slightly frozen meat down to -4 degrees C.

The slicing machine is operated via single control keys with clear symbols that makes data entry easier and therefore reducing mistakes. The slicer keyboard consists out of single control keys and can be quickly and easily cleaned.

The meat to be sliced is transported precisely forward by the reliable forward feed. When slicing loins of pork, the loin is being held by a tension spring in order to assure even slices. After the slicing process has finished the tension spring automatically returns to the starting position.

The slicing machine is very easy to move around with an height adjustable wheel positioned between two legs at one end and a couple of fixed castors at the other.

The slicing hopper can be opened and cleaned very easily and a magnetic safety switch ensures the machine stops all its functions when the hopper is opened.

The MHS PCE70-21KM machine has an electromechanical drive which has been proven over several years. It is capable of producing 220 slices per minute and the slice thickness is infinitely variable from 3-32mm. The slicer comes prepared for double blade operation (blade sold separately) increasing the machines production to 440 slices per minute.

The MHS PCE chop cutter range now have the option to add an outfeed conveyor belt at an extra charge, this allows the machine to be used in a production line.  

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