KOLBE AW52-240

KOLBE AW52-240

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KOLBE AW52-240

The Kolbe AW52-240 meat mincer is an industrial automatic meat mincing machine built to a very high standard of design and manufacture.

The AW52-240 meat mincer is a large floor standing meat mincer capable of mincing meat that is fresh or frozen (no colder than -15 degrees with the 22kW motor) at a rate of 3000kg/h.

The meat mincing machine is ideal for a food processor or supermarket needing a reliable, strong and efficient meat mincing machine. The AW52-240 meat mincer has one feeding worm and then a main drive worm. The main drive motor of the meat mincer is as standard 15kW but can be upgraded to a 22kW version to give more power and the ability to mincer frozen meat which is no colder than -15 degrees C.

There are a lot of other options available like a loosening device for products that may bridge in the hopper (like flaked meat). You can also add a feeding hopper with an access protection frame which can only be used with the added hoist.

We supply a wide range of mincers and mixer grinders. There are also many variants of these machines available so please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements further.