Webomatic ML-C 3600 Thermoformer

Webomatic ML-C 3600 Thermoformer

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We are the UK main agent for Webomatic who is a well known German manufacturer of vacuum packaging machinery.

Our range of Webomatic ML-C Thermoformers are inline machines which are designed for high throughput. Thermoforming is a very popular method of automated packaging and is widely used across the food industry.

Thermoformers use two rolls of film to create a pouch or a tray. The bottom film forms the bottom of the pack through heat and the top film is used to seal the top of the pack.

One key benefit of thermoforming (rather than vacuum packing in to pouches or using a tray sealer) is the ability for the operators to load directly in to the machine. This saves time, reduces labour costs and speeds up the packing process.

Another key benefit to using a thermoformer rather than a tray sealer is the ability to make its own trays, therefore reducing packaging costs.

There are three main methods of thermoforming which are suitable for different applications:

  • Vacuum only
  • MAP (gas flushing)
  • Skin Packing

Webomatic ML-C3600 Thermoformer

  • The midrange solution which is very versatile and also built to WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® standards
  • Available from 4,550 – 10,000mm in length
  • Capable of up to 16 cycles per minute (depending on machine equipment and product)
  • Built to our customer's desired specification

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ModelML-C3600 Thermoformer