Webomatic DU Dryer Units

Webomatic DU Dryer Units

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Webomatic DU Dryer Units

Our Webomatic DU 60 and DU 80 Dryer Units are the ideal compliment to a vacuum shrink line.

These machines blow off the water droplets from shrunk vacuum bags enabling product to go on to further packaging/labelling.

These machines are popular for our customers who have a WEBOMATIC packing line including an inline vacuum packer and a shrink tunnel.

The DU60 operates to a maximum product weight of 70kg, the DU80 operates to a maximum product weight of 100kg.

Both models are available as an optional standalone version, so like the Shrink Tunnel is capable of running independently from the Vacuum Packer.

If you have a WEBOMATIC PNC, CL-C 950 or WBM Vacuum Packer, it is possible for you to control the Shrink Tunnel and Dryer Unit to the Vacuum Packer.

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