Industrial Vacuum Packers

WEBOMATIC have been manufacturing Industrial Vacuum Packers since 1958 where they have earned an outstanding reputation for building high quality, robust machines. There are still countless older machines which are being used daily throughout the UK which shows how well built WEBOMATIC Vacuum Packers are.

The flagship model of Double Chamber Machines, the PNE and PNC 20 AD are extremely popular in the meat and cheese industries not only because they are extremely reliable and hard wearing, they are also very versitile and will pack high quantities of product.

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WEBOMATIC Industrial Vacuum Packers are designed for high output and are very popular with large food manufacturers across the UK and the continent

WEBOMATIC PNE/ PNC/ PNC 20 AD The flagship model of our Double Chamber Vacuum Packers

This packaging machine provides a fully-automatic swivelling lid. This convenience does not require cost-intensive compressed air, because the swivelling movement of the lid is carried out by the built-in 160m³/h high capacity vacuum pump (optional 250m³/h vacuum pump). You can choose to activate the packaging process automatically or manually. Four sealing bars with a length of 830 mm are integrated in the chambers which provides for the procession of industrial packaging quantities with this double chamber machine.

This vacuum chamber machine is serially equipped with a Soft-Air function. Further options like pluggable gas nozzles for MAP gas supply, bi-active sealing and compressed air supported sealing as well as perforation knives are also available so that the packaging process is even more efficient.

The model PNC 20 A-D-M2 (shown above), completely equipped with fully automatic product discharger in combination with other WEBOMATIC components, like shrink units, dryer, collecting devices, etc. can be extended to an industrial packaging line.

We also offer the CL-C 950 and WBM 1350-II industrial vacuum packers which are advertised below. These are inline machines designed for high output operations. 

Please see our below range of WEBOMATIC inline machines, the CL-C 950 and the WBM 1350-II

WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 – NEW model 

The CL-C 950 is the best solution in the automated and economical packaging of products in pouches, for (almost) any application. Due to its high versatility, products with different sizes can be packed within one cycle. In addition to a cost-attractive basic model, it can suit individual requirements with various options and configuration possibilities.

Thanks to its thoughtful concept and the intelligent WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® maintenance and cleaning can be performed easily and quickly. The innovative Roll-Back-Lid in WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® enables an easy, fast and thorough hygienic cleaning of the inside cover – the conveyor belt is not contaminated with cleaning liquids. The optional splitt conveyor (shuttle conveyor) simplifies the packaging process and saves staff costs: thanks to the infinitely variable control of the conveyor speeds, a single operator can load the chamber from both, the front and the rear side of the belt machine. 

For more transparency and production control, the optional diagnostic systems supports collection of processing data, connection to end devices, remote control and maintenance system, as well as user identification pins. With the help of those utilities the overall production process’ efficiency increases tremendous.

Technical spec:

Machine Size:  2,870 x 1,185 x 1,169 mm (W x D x H)
Weight:  approx. 950 kg
Control:  Mitsubishi PLC, 8,4″ colour touch screen
Cycle Performance:  3-4 cycles/min, depending on product size and vacuum pump
Chamber Size:  1,050 x 850 x 285 mm (W x D x H)
Sealing bar length:  2 x 950 mm
Usable Width:  600 mm
Vacuum Pump:  600 m3sup>/h, 900 m3sup>/h, roots pump – other pumps available on request

WEBOMATIC WBM 1350-II – The big one

The WEBOMATIC Inline Vacuum Packing Machine WBM 1350-II is another example of our superior vacuum technology. The WBM is equipped with 2 x 1350mm seal bars and is ideal for packing meat, dairy products and other perishable food as well as non-food products, e. g. electronic construction parts and medical equipment.

This vacuum sealer is serially equipped with a 12″ coloured touch-screen (65,536 colours) of the latest generation, with which multilingual data fonts can be displayed. The PLC control allows a temperature controlled sealing of the bags with a precise adjustment of the sealing parameters to all commercial bag materials. The WBM 1350-II is optionally available with sealing bars adjustable in height.
The serially installed Mitsubishi PLC can be adapted to all production requirements – and, if you like, Webomatic takes over for you the machine diagnosis via remote access.
For round or other products lying unstable on the belt, special belts with division bars are available.
For a complete packing line, the addition of a Shrink Tunnel and a Dryer Unit to this Vacuum Packer will enhance the presentation of your product further.

We also offer the PNE/PNC double chamber range of industrial vacuum packers, along with the “baby brother” to the WBM 1350 known as the CL-C 950. To find out more about our range of industrial vacuum packers please contact us today on 0121 5687100

For further information on our range of Industrial Packers please feel free to give us a call on 0121 568 7100 or use our online contact form

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