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At First Food Machinery we supply Vakona and Ruhle Tumblers whom of which are both well known for building high quality machinery.

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Ruhle MPR220 Vacuum Tumbler

With a footprint approximately the same size of a Euro pallet, the MPR220 vacuum tumbler has a 220 litre container and can hold approximately 160kg of mixing product. It is perfectly equipped for tasks from cooling to vacuum treatment to variable arm speeds for achieving perfect mixtures. The secret of its success is in its control technology.

This machine is also refrigerated.

Vakona Meat Tumblers

Vacuum , Mixing, Blending & Tumbling Machine

95kg – 220kg capacity

200 Litre Stainless Steel Tumbler

Capacity – 200 litre

Drum Diameter  – 770mm

Drum Height  – 927mm tipping – 1343mm loading (or can be made as required)

Drum Length – 920mm

Drum capacity:

Theoretical volume =  0.409m³

usable volume =  0.200m³

Max Load – 150kg

Internal paddles – 3 off fully welded

Closure Lid – Included

Drive – Direct drive shaft mounted 0.75kw

Drum Support Wheels – 2 off nylon Ø100mm with guards

Castors – 4 off Ø200mm Swivel & braked

Construction – box section frame & supports

Material – 304 stainless steel DPC1– Crevice free welding

Controls – Inverter speed controller, 1ph 240v input, 5 metre lead & blue 3 pin plug


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