Double Chamber Vacuum Packers

“Double the performance”

WEBOMATIC have recently introduced their new range of Double Chamber Vacuum Packers. The duoMAT range is part of the new generation of WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® machines which allow for easy cleaning. You can even spray the machine down after use. The main difference from the previous ED/CD range is that the vacuum chamber is situated within the swing lid as supposed to inside the machine. The shape of the lid prevents water pools forming. The seal bars are easily removed to enable the machine to be washed down.

All duoMAT machines are equipped with an innovative glass touch control panel which can also be sprayed down after use

duoMAT double chamber vacuum packers
duoMAT double chamber vacuum packers

Our range of double chamber vacuum packers are designed to pack a wide range of products, including fresh meat, cooked meat, cheese, fish, fruit and vegatables, nuts and also non-food products.

Available in 4x450mm, 4x650mm and 4x850mm seal bar configurations, the duoMAT range has the following useful features:

  • Working area open to all sides
  • WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® hygienic wet cleaning possible
  • high quality stainless steel construction
  • chamfered machine design which not only looks tidier, it is also safer as there are no sharp edges
  • seal and trim (sealing bar with a sealing wire and a cutting wire) or double-seam sealing (sealing bar with two sealing wires)
  • bi-active sealing for strong bag material (optional)
  • quick release seal bar removal, no wiring in the way which makes for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • food-proof filling plates made of PE plastic
  • service-friendly construction
  • oil-drain valve on the pump
  • motor protection switch
  • soft air and gas flushing (optional)

For further information on our range of Double Chamber Vacuum Packers please feel free to give us a call on 0121 568 7100 or use our online contact form

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