How To Reduce Waste in a Commercial Kitchen

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The subject of protecting the planet has never been more high-profile than it is today. There is much discussion about the pollution that is causing so much damage to the environment. Another concern, which people may not be as aware of, is the wastage of food. Across the globe, around 1.3 billion tonnes of food [...]

Product Spotlight – WEBOMATIC CL-C 950

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The WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 is the latest in a long line of efficient and high performing vacuum packing machines from the world-renowned Germany based manufacturer WEBOMATIC. It's a cost efficient and effective way for small, medium and large sized enterprises to vacuum pack their products. This is due to the fact that the WEBOMATIC CL-C [...]

Designing a functional kitchen for your restaurant

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If your plan is to open a highly regarded, successful restaurant then one thing that you will absolutely have to get right is the kitchen. It will need to be completely functional, allowing for your chefs and kitchen staff to do their jobs well, producing exceptional food. Without this, your customers will be few and [...]

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

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Being environmentally friendly and aware is something that is becoming more and more important to the vast majority of people. Packaging is one of the areas that is causing most problems, particularly when it comes to single use plastic. The more we use in this ‘throw away society’ the more problems we are creating for [...]

How is Automation Helping the Food Industry?

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Automation is playing an increasingly important part in many modern industries – especially, for example, in the construction of cars and other gadgets. This has proved to be highly effective for these industries, so why should it be any different for the food and catering industry? In actual fact, using automation in the food industry [...]

Prevent Cross Contamination in Your Food Processing Facility

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Cross-contamination of food can cause several serious health risks, including food poisoning and allergen exposure. Cross-contamination is when microorganisms and bacteria are unintentionally passed from one food to another and this cross-contact is commonly caused by unwashed hands, boards, utensils and knives. Food can become contaminated before preparation, during, or after. Therefore, teaching staff how [...]

Vacuum Packing Fish and Why it’s Helpful

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Fish and seafood can be a pain to store because it spoils faster than any meat products such as beef or chicken. But why does is spoil quickly and how can a vacuum packer be helpful to prevent this? Oxidation & Bacterial Growth There are two main factors that contribute to a food product spoiling; [...]

How to Operate a Vacuum Packing Machine

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First Step: Evacuation Place the Vacuum Food Sealer bag with the product inside the chamber. The open neck of the bag should be placed over the sealing bar, leaving enough space for the seal of the chamber lid to close around the product. Close the lid. The vacuum pump draws the air out of the [...]

What are the differences between Vacuum Packaged Products, and Shrink Packaged Products?

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Any company wants to keep its products fresh, and in good condition, for as long as possible. Doing so helps to improve customer satisfaction and decrease the amount of waste. Using packaging for this purpose is important. Vacuum packaging and shrink wrapping are both used for this purpose, with vacuum packaging being used most often [...]

How long does food last in a vacuum pack

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The length of time for which you can store food is important, from a safety and taste point of view. The storage period can be extended by using vacuum sealing. This process involves the storing of food in specially designed vacuum packs. The vacuum packaging process removes air from the packaging and an air-tight seal [...]