Food Machinery

The Benefits of Used Food Machinery for your Business

While some people may be nervous about using second-hand food machinery for their business, there are considerable benefits to going this route. We’re taking a closer look at some of the reasons you might want to consider used equipment first. Saves Money Perhaps the place to start is with the most obvious benefit, namely, the

Food Industry Trends Your Business Needs To Know About In 2021

The changes ushered in by the coronavirus pandemic have percolated pretty much every industry and sector on the planet. The food industry is diverse, stretching from food research, development and manufacturing to the hospitality and entertainment industries. Closures to brick-and-mortar stores, pubs, restaurants and other food shops have had a huge knock-on effect, the brunt

How Takeaway Businesses Can Reduce Food Waste In 2021

Food waste promises to be a hot topic in 2021. Data collected by the Sustainable Restaurant Association found that £1.8bn worth of takeaway food was thrown away in the UK in 2019. £376m of that was binned at the takeaway itself whereas the remaining £1.4bn was thrown away by households. Customers surveyed cited that overblown

The Benefits of Vacuum Packing Food

Food is a precious commodity. Vacuum packing is one of the best ways to store food, and it provides many benefits. You can find both portable, large-scale, and built-in vacuum sealers. The variety of different countertop and handheld vacuum packers on the market means that finding the perfect vacuum sealer for you and your price

How Safe to Use are Vacuum Packaging Machines?

A vacuum packing machine can be a real game changer for many businesses. Whether you’re a smaller enterprise or are using your vacuum packaging machine in a large-scale commercial kitchen, these handy devices are safe and effective. Vacuum sealing removes one of the primary causes of food spoilage – air – so that you preserve food

7 Ways Your Catering Business Can Save Money in 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the catering industry. The pandemic has had a major effect on the economy and running of every country and industry. This article will look at 7 ways to reduce the costs of your catering business without making any sacrifices to the quality of the service and food you

Can Desserts be Vacuum Packed?

Vacuum packaging machines are widespread throughout the catering and hospitality industries, and with good reason. Not only do they provide an economical and hygienic way of transporting and storing food products, vacuum pack machines are also extremely versatile.   A quick internet search will provide you with a wide range of unexpected uses for these

Industries that Could Benefit the Most from Vacuum Packers

A vacuum pack machine takes a product, encases it within clear, protective packaging and removes all the air. This provides protection against contamination and damage during transport and, in many cases, it significantly reduces the amount of storage space required.   Commercial vacuum packers are an essential piece of equipment for a wide range of

The Evolution of Food Hygiene Regulations

The food industry has evolved greatly over time. It has had to constantly change to keep up with the demands and needs of consumers. This means that food hygiene regulations have had to evolve greatly over the years too to keep up with developments. Food hygiene regulations concern both food products as well as food

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