What is Vacuum Sealing and What Will You Need?


Vacuum sealing, sometimes referred to as vacuum packing is the process of removing the air from a container. By taking out the oxygen from a storage container or bag, you’re able to create an airtight vacuum seal that offers a variety of benefits. All you’ll need to do it is a Vacuum Sealer Machine to remove the air, vacuum sealer bags (ensuring you have the correct ones for your machine) and then whatever fresh coffee you choose to seal. It’s also worth having a measuring scale so you can measure out the exact amount of coffee you want to store.

Why Should Coffee Be Vacuum Sealed?


Coffee is a natural product and much like many other grown food types, it can go very stale very quickly, even if it’s been processed and dried. Sealing it from air and other impurities ensures it stays fresher for longer and doesn’t lose its taste and smell.

The Steps To Vacuum Sealing Coffee

There are several steps to take to ensure your coffee is sealed perfectly.


·       Prepare The Beans


Measure out the exact amount you need, leaving them to cool if they’ve been freshly roasted.


·       Place The Coffee In The Vacuum Bags


Be sure not to overfill to guarantee a good seal.


·       Seal One End of the Bag


To seal one end of the bag, adhere to your vacuum sealer machine's instructions. Your coffee beans will now be contained in a closed pouch.


·       Place Bag in Sealer


Ensure that the partially sealed bag is positioned correctly for the machine before placing it into the vacuum sealer machine.


·       Start the Machine


This will then remove the air from the bag. As a rule, the vacuum sealers will seal the bag's open end after the air has been removed.



Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Coffee

·       Saves Space


By reducing the room taken up by air and excess packaging, you can be more efficient with your space. This is especially helpful of you’re short on storage.


·       Protects the Flavors


When coffee is stored near particularly strong smelling products like herbs or foods, it can effect the taste and aroma of the coffee. By keeping it vacuum sealed, this keeps the problem at bay.


·       Extended Freshness


Stale coffee is an unpleasant experience, especially for the coffee aficionado. Vacuum sealing keeps the coffee fresher for longer for that perfect cup.


·       Saves Money


Vacuum sealing your coffee saves you money as it allows the coffee to last longer without going stale, so you don’t need to throw it away and replace it as frequently.


·       Prevents Pests


Nothing can get in or out of a vacuum sealed packet as it’s completely airtight, meaning it’s safe from pests and bugs.

Should You Put Vacuum Sealed Coffee In The Fridge?


No, you shouldn’t store any coffee in the fridge, under any circumstances. Fridges are humid, moist and very bright, all of which can have a negative effect on the taste and shelf life of your coffee. When you take your coffee out of the cold fridge and into a warm kitchen and then back again daily, the constant changes in temperature can cause condensation and microorganisms, leading to damage to your coffee.

How to Warm Coffee Beans After Vacuum Sealing


It isn’t recommended to heat your coffee beans too soon after being sealed. If you need to use your coffee beans, it’s recommended to first leave the container to naturally rise to room temperature first. Once it’s up to room temperature, then take out just what you need and reseal the remaining beans to ensure the rest stay as fresh as possible. Once you’ve measured out exactly what you need, grind them, and then use them as you please. It’s worth noting you should never directly heat the beans themselves as it can alter the taste and damage them.

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