A vacuum pack machine takes a product, encases it within clear, protective packaging and removes all the air. This provides protection against contamination and damage during transport and, in many cases, it significantly reduces the amount of storage space required. 


Commercial vacuum packers are an essential piece of equipment for a wide range of industries, not just those involving food products. Companies like First Food Machinery typically carry a wide range of vacuum pack machines on a purchase or lease basis. This helps ensure any investment is correctly suited to the individual needs of your business.  


We’ve highlighted below some of the many industries that are already benefiting from vacuum packing machinery, from the obvious to the more unusual! 




Vacuum packing food in a restaurant or other commercial food setting creates significant advantages and savings. It significantly increases the frozen shelf-life of food, meaning seasonal products can be kept for much longer. It prevents cross-contamination of foods within the freezer and also allows for sous-vida cooking


In addition, by removing 99.8% of the air from a food product, the storage space required for frozen food drops significantly. This allows you to store larger quantities of food and buy more in bulk. 


Street Food 


The need to store a range of fresh products within a limited space is a challenge for any street food vendor. A vacuum food sealer can come into its own here, providing the opportunity to pre-prepare and store a range of meals and components. 


The risk of cross-contamination is minimised whilst at the same time allowing different foods to be stored together. This provides a practical solution to the challenge of accommodating different diet types and allergies. 




There is a growing demand for vacuum packing machinery within the supermarket industry. The main advantage is the heavily reduced risk of cross-contamination. This allows for different types of food to be stored and transported together. It also protects food against dehydration, mould and freezer burn. 


The other advantage is the fact that one vacuum food sealer can package a wide range of different types of food. This creates financial and space savings in areas dedicated to these activities. 


Food Processing 


The food processing sectors have been leading the way in vacuum packed food for many years. A huge range of foods, be it soups, cheeses, vegetables or even octopus, can be vacuum packed bringing a wealth of advantages. 


The primary aim is to ensure freshness from the factory to the table and, in an era of ever-increasing transport costs, vacuum packing machinery makes this possible. 


Clothes Manufacturing 


Anyone who’s ever bought an under-bed vacuum storage bag can tell you just how much space they save. Vacuum pack machines take this to a new level. The amount of storage required for clothing prior to sale is significantly reduced, meaning more stock can be held in store and fewer transportation costs are incurred.  


This use of vacuum packing also has significant protective qualities. High-end shoes, for example, can be encased within strong plastic material providing both protection and reduced space requirements. 


Medical Industries 


An increasing number of companies within the medical sectors are utilising commercial vacuum sealing machines as part of their operational processes. These machines provide customised protective casing for delicate medical instruments and also protect new equipment from contamination when in-transit. 


Security is an additional benefit, since many types of vacuum packing machines have the ability to embed security codes within the seal. 


Technology and Computing 


As with the medical industries, the need to securely and safely transport high value, delicate components is essential within the technology and computing sectors. Circuit boards, for example, benefit from an airless environment (reducing the potential for dust particles infiltrating the circuitry). Vacuum sealing also provides much-needed physical protection during transportation. 


The fact that one machine can vacuum seal a wide range of items is particularly useful for smaller technology companies producing a range of items for shipping. 


Financial Sectors 


Banks and other organisations dealing with large quantities of cash can benefit from vacuum sealing machines. Counted notes sorted into bundles can be securely sealed together, with the packaging embedded with a security code, prior to transportation. 


For large quantities of cash, compressing the notes can also save a great deal of space, potentially doubling the amount you could transport in any one go. 


An almost limitless range of uses 


The sheer popularity of commercial vacuum sealing machines in such a wide range of sectors goes to show just how useful they can be. From saving space to providing protection and security, reducing risk of contamination and creating professional-looking products, vacuum sealing machines can solve a myriad of problems and help you get the edge in just about any sector.