There are many different burger-making machines available on the food processing market, from small tabletop machines to automatic higher output machines, and even burger flattening conveyors. There is a wide range of machines and options available to suit a variety of needs. Each burger-making machine has its own advantages and disadvantages and choosing the right one will depend entirely on your business and its specific requirements.  


There are various brands that produce burger-making machines for the food processing industry. This article will look at the Sirman Manual Burger Press Machines, which are high-quality machines ideal for the catering trade.  

About Sirman Manufacturers 


For 50 years Sirman has been manufacturing the finest food processing machines for professional kitchens, small meat processing, and the retail and catering industry. Its high-quality products are entirely designed and produced in Italy.  


The founder, Nereo Marzaro, built Sirman to be constantly committed to a high level of excellence, organization, and teamwork. From this successful entrepreneurial idea, Sirman has been able to fulfil the needs of over 600 dealers across 126 countries across the globe.  


Sirman is a leader in the food processing industry due to their comprehensive range of food processing machines, which are designed with a perfect combination of technology and dependability, innovations, and simple solutions to meet and exceed the demands of their clients.  


This successful production is the result of engineers working every day in high tech departments for the research and development of effective solutions to further expand the line. Alongside this, there is a strong research and sales force which is focused on understanding and addressing the increasing and ever-changing needs of the customers. 


How Sirman Manual Burger Press Machines Operate 


The Sirman Burger Machines are very easy to use. Each machine has a lever on the side of it that moves the burger press plunger around, down, and into the burger mould. This then presses the food product, such as mincemeat, into the mould.  


Once this process is complete the burger press lever is then lifted back up and the formed food product is pushed out of the mould by the burger mould bottom plate. The formed burger is then ready for any additional processing or packaging. 


The Sirman Manual Burger Presses also features a useful burger paper holder to allow for convenient and quick papering of the burgers that are produced. And once the formed burger is removed from the burger press, the metal button that is on the machine’s side is pressed to drop the burger mould's bottom plate back down into the mould. 


The Sirman Manual Burger Press Machine Range 


The Sirman Burger Press Machine range includes 5 different models. The main difference between these 5 models is the size of the diameter of the mould. The different diameter sizes range from 100mm to 180mm and include 110mm, 130mm, and 150mm options. This difference in diameter size also influences the dimensions and weight of each burger press machine so keep that in mind if those are important considerations for your business.  


The Sirman Manual Burger Press Machines are constructed from an anodized aluminium alloy, the burger press is made from stainless steel, and the burger press's feet are rubber to prevent slipping on surfaces. 




Manual burger press machines are highly useful and efficient food processing equipment for many businesses. Many food industry professionals consider them to be very worthwhile investments. The Sirman Manual Burger Press Machines are especially good investments due to their high efficiency and quality. Many people involved in catering and food production use Sirman Manual Burger Presses as the company is renowned for its efficiency in use and high-end production. They are easy to use machines that are available in a range of sizes to perfectly suit all needs. So if your business is in need of a manual burger press, consider a Sirman Manual Burger Press Machine for the job!