Burger making machines are an important and highly beneficial product for many businesses in the food industry. There are various burger machines available on the market from small tabletop machines, automatic higher output machines, or burger flattening conveyors. Some of these machines can also be used to produce forms of other types of products like fish cakes, kofta kebabs, and meatballs. These forming machines are very effective at increasing a business’ efficiency.  


If your business is looking for an industry-standard burger machine for small to high volume food production, the Formatic Burger Machine R2200 could be the solution for all of your food forming and portioning requirements. 


Formatic Machines 


The strength of the Formatic system is in its simplicity. These machines are able to handle a variety of mixtures of numerous textures and consistencies. The Formatic system uses synchronized paddles to press food mixtures gently into the required shape forms, which are then smoothly ejected by a wire drum scraper onto a conveyor. It is then ready for any additional processing or packaging such as auto-tray lines, auto-stacking, freezing tunnel, or automated fry lines.  


These machines are manufactured in the UK and feature a strong and heavy construction – these Formatic machines are built to last and well constructed. They are made of almost exclusively from stainless steel and have 5mm thick paddles. The rotating drum has a quiet, smooth, and continuous action and many of these machines operate with minimum maintenance for many years. 

Formatic Burger Machine R2200 Product Information 


The Formatic R2200 Burger Machine is a great product for food forming and portioning requirements for small to high volume food producers. The Formatic Burger Machine can be used to form a wide variety of food products such as meat, fish, potato, vegetables, butter, cheese, and also bakery and confectionery. It can form these food products into a range of different shapes and sizes. 


The standard R2200 Fromatic Burger Machine comes with a 15kg hopper. It is also fitted with a 100mm or 118mm burger drum. This burger machine can produce up to 2200 burger per hour. It comes with a variable speed control though so that you can easily adjust and customise how fast it works. The R2200 Fromatic Burger Machine uses synchronised paddles to lightly press the mixture into the required shaped drum. 


You can purchase and fit various different shaped drums for the Formatic Burger Machine - from a simple circle or rectangle to more complex and intricate shapes like Christmas trees, gingerbread men, etc. The only limitation to the shapes is its size, which is determined by the available size of the drum itself. 


The Formatic R2200 Burger Machine comes standard with an auto paper attachment. This beneficial attachment places a burger paper on the bottom of each burger, and then this is assisted by the wire drum scraper to smoothly eject the formed product onto the conveyor belt. This then presents the formed project for easy additional packaging and/or processing. 


There are various further attachment and customisable options available for the burger making machine. Some of these options include an extended hopper, auto wire cleaner, extended conveyor belts, and more.  

Formatic Burger Machine R2200 Technical Details 


This is a highly powerful and efficient burger machine. The Formatic Burger Machine R2200 is a highly popular burger machine for many food businesses’ portioning and forming needs. The technical specifications for this burger machine are as follows: 


Physical External Dimensions: 775 x 600 x 625mm (WxDxH) 

Throughput: 2200/hr (variable) 

Power: 0.55kW (1 phase) 

Hopper Weight: 15kg 

Total Weight: 75kg 




The Formatic Burger Machine R2200 is a highly efficient machine that is used by many businesses in the food industry. This forming machine has been supplied to the food industry to form and portion products for many years with excellent results and benefits. It is a powerful machine that produces high-quality results and could greatly improve your business’ efficiency.