The WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 is the latest in a long line of efficient and high performing vacuum packing machines from the world-renowned Germany based manufacturer WEBOMATIC.  


It's a cost efficient and effective way for small, medium and large sized enterprises to vacuum pack their products. This is due to the fact that the WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 is an 

affordable entry level machine that can be customised to suit the needs of the business.  

The previous history of WEBOMATIC 

WEBOMATIC is a name that has been around for many years in the vacuum packaging industry. The company first started producing its vacuum packaging machines back in 1958. Since then, these machines have been a staple of small, medium and large enterprises, that are looking for a reliable vacuum packaging solution. The machines have an excellent reputation across Europe and are available in 39 countries.  


WEBOMATIC continues to innovate in the arena of vacuum packaging machines. This is why it's such a respected name in the industry. Customers know that they can rely on WEBOMATIC machines to perform consistently and have a long lifespan.  As could be expected, the WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 is manufactured to the same high standards as its predecessors.  

Specifications of the WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 

This latest machine from WEBOMATIC has the high level of reliability and durability that businesses have come to expect from the brand. The specifications of the machine are as follows: 


Dimensions of the machine - 2.870 x 1.185 x 1.160 (W x D x H ) mm. 


Dimensions of the Chamber - 1.050 x 850 x 285 (W x D x H ) mm. 


Length of the sealing bar - 950 mm. 


Distance of the sealing bar - 600 mm. 


Arrangement of the ceiling bar - parallel (Z). 


Weight of the machine - approximately 950 kg. 


Compressed air - 2 Nl per cycle with constant 6 bar. 


Control unit - Mitsubishi PLC with an 8,4" colour touch screen. 


Cycle performance - Dependent on the size of the product, and the vacuum pump, performance is 3 to 4 cycles per minute.  


There are also several options for customising the machine including cutting of perforations, remote control operation, the ability to capture production data and variable conveyor speeds.  

Who should use the WEBOMATIC CL-C 950? 

The WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 is a flexible machine that is capable of packaging items of different sizes within the same cycle. This makes it ideal for use across several different industries.  


For instance, the machine can be used in the food manufacturing and processing industry where the efficient and safe packaging of foods is vital. Using the vacuum packing process in this way helps to sustain the quality and taste of food over a longer period of time.  

Benefits of using the WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 

The WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 is ideal for use by small to medium enterprises where the affordability of efficient machinery is important. This is a cost efficient machine that can also help to save money on staffing. This is because one person is able to operate the process.  


A further advantage of using the WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 is that it can be customised to suit the needs of individual businesses and organisations.  


This machine is also extremely clean and hygienic. For instance, it has a rollback lid which means that it's easy to clean thoroughly. Another innovative feature of this machine is the loading grid which is designed to be completely hygienic. This is important when the machine is being used in situations where food is being packaged.  


Businesses who make use of the WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 can benefit from utilising the optional diagnostic system. Using the system can help improve the efficiency of the entire packaging system. This is important for any business that wants to ensure processing speeds are maintained.  

In summary  

The WEBOMATIC CL-C 950 is the ideal vacuum packaging machine to be used by small to medium businesses that are looking for an affordable vacuum packaging option. The machine also has the capacity to be used in large organisations, especially if the customisation options are applied.  


In addition to the machine itself being affordable, it also provides several cost saving benefits. These benefits include a potential reduction in staffing as the machine can be operated by one individual. Cost reductions such as these are important to any business that wants to thrive and grow as well as protecting its products in the best way possible.