If you hear the words vacuum sealers mentioned you probably automatically think of the food industry. This is because the vacuum sealing process is most often associated with food products.


However, a vacuum sealing machine can have many uses, across different industries. Let's examine why vacuum sealing is used for many different purposes including food protection.

Vacuum sealing in the food industry

The vacuum sealing process involves placing a product inside a plastic package before removing all of the air from the packaging and sealing it. This process removes oxygen from the packaging. It also often helps to shrink the size of the product.


The removal of oxygen from the packaging helps to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi. This is helpful when packaging food related items as it allows the food to last longer. It also protects the food from environmental damage. This is why vacuum packaging is used regularly across the food industry. However, this is far from being its only use.

Other industries which use vacuum sealing

There are several advantages that can be gained from using the vacuum sealing process. These advantages include:


●      Protection.

●      Security.

●      Reduction in the size of products.

●      Hygiene.


These advantages are the reason why the process is used in several different industries.

Medical industry


Within the medical industry, it's important for products to be kept clean and sterile. This is why the vacuum sealing process is used to package items in order for them to be transported and stored while being protected from potentially damaging exterior forces.


Banking and collectables


The value of certain items within the banking and collectables fields is high. This is why everything needs to be done to ensure that items are stored and transported in a way that reduces the risk of fraud.


Vacuum packing coins and collectibles helps to ensure that they are tamper proof. This makes it less likely that any type of fraud will take place.


Defence industry


Companies that are attached to the defence industry can also opt to use vacuum packaging. This is because the packaging process helps to protect weapons and explosive devices from damage and corrosion.


Computers and electronics


Computers and electronic devices will not work effectively if their parts do not operate as they should. This is why the packaging of parts is so important. Vacuum sealing these parts protects them from damage, dirt and corrosion. This protection is the main reason for the use of vacuum sealing throughout the electronics industry.


Household goods


Protection is not the only reason that the vacuum sealing process is used when packaging items such as pillows and other bedding. These items can be bulky which means that they need to be packaged in a way which reduces their size.


Doing this helps companies to reduce the amount of storage and transportation space that they need. This in turn helps them to save on costs.

Customising the vacuum sealing process

One reason why it's so easy to use the vacuum sealing process across numerous industries is that vacuum sealing machines can be customised. The ability to do this enables them to be used for several different processes.


This is because the size, design and parts of a machine can be adapted to suit different uses. Each business which chooses to use vacuum sealing in its packaging processes needs to decide what functions are required before purchasing or hiring a vacuum sealing machine.

In summary

Although many people mostly associate the vacuum sealing process with the food industry, it has many other uses. In addition to helping protect and prolong the life of food products, it can also be used to protect items from the elements, reduce the risk of fraud and reduce the size of items.


This is why vacuum sealing is used during the packaging of items in many industries including medicine, computers and electronics, household goods, banking and collectables. In order to get the best functionality from a vacuum sealing machine, a business needs to understand the vacuum sealing functionality that it requires. This enables each business to ensure that it gets the customised vacuum packaging machines that it needs.


It's clear to see that vacuum sealing is a process which is used in a multitude of different industries. It's used for several reasons including protection, preservation, production of space and reduction of fraud. These benefits help businesses to protect their goods and reduce their costs. This helps to improve profits and can contribute to the growth of a business.