A vacuum sealer is a kitchen gadget that is worth investing in. It’s the sort of gadget that you don’t realise how much you’ll end up using it - until you have one! Vacuum sealers remove the air out of a container or bag so that the contents remain airtight. This protects the food from any bacteria and oxygen which both negatively impact food products over time.


Vacuum sealers are getting cheaper by the day and owning one will provide you with many useful benefits. There are plenty of various vacuum sealer options and sizes available so finding one that suits your needs and kitchen size should not be a problem. In the list below we will explore some of the many reasons to invest in a vacuum sealer:

1) Extend the Shelf Life of Food Products

Vacuum packing food products can extend their shelf life whether they are then stored in your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer. Vacuum sealing only takes a couple of minutes to do and then you are able to store your food products for significantly longer periods of time. Vacuum sealed food stored in a freezer can last for years and if stored in a refrigerator it can last for weeks rather than days.


This extended shelf-life means that food items can be used, served, and sold for a much longer period of time. To maximise the shelf life of food items, thoroughly clean them before vacuum sealing and clearly label and date the vacuum-sealed food to keep track of when items need to be used by.

2) Seal Jars and Dry Goods

Vacuum sealers can extend the shelf life of pantry-stored dry goods. They can either be sealed in the original packaging or in jars using the jar sealer option that most vacuum sealers possess. This will to avoid spillages and extend the freshness of the vacuum-sealed dry goods.

3) Increased Efficiency

Vacuum sealing also allows you to store your food in portioned out sizes. This allows for efficient batch cooking and bulk buying. Sealing up leftovers in meal-size portions and sealing food products in recipe sized amounts can help speed up your food prep time.


Vacuum sealing also minimizes the space needed to store foods. This means your vacuum-packed food can easily be stacked and stored together. This can improve your kitchen’s organisation and efficiency, as well as it’s storage capacity.

4) Sous Vide Cooking

Another benefit of vacuum packaging is that it allows you to cook using the sous-vide technique. Vacuum sealing your bag of food for sous vide will ensure no air remains in the bag. This saves you from hassling with other finicky bag sealing options. Vacuum sealing also removes all of the air which ensure equal cooking as the bag will not float. When you vacuum seal vegetables it also compresses the cells inside them which makes your vegetables crunchier, denser, and sometimes even more colourful.

5) Preserve Non-Food Items

Vacuum sealers can protect non-food items too. Important documents can be protected from water damage. Vacuum sealing items in your medical emergency kit will ensure their effectiveness for years to come. Candles and matches can also be vacuum-sealed to protect them from damage.

6) Easily Store Liquids

Many vacuum sealers come with a bottle stopper attachment. This attachment allows you to reseal and preserve bottles of specialty liquids, such as wine, oils, and vinegars. Vacuum sealing can also be a much more efficient way to store liquids. You just need to freeze them first for a couple of hours before vacuum packing.

7) Minimise Wastage

Owning a vacuum sealer means you will be able to better store and preserve food items which will lower the amount of food wastage in your kitchen. Food that is about to reach expiration can be vacuum sealed and used at a later stage. Any leftovers can be vacuum packaged and enjoyed again at a later stage.


Vacuum sealing prevents any freezer burn or oxidation so no frozen food items will need to be thrown out either. Vacuum sealing also prevents any cross-contamination, dehydration, or mould which is beneficial in effectively storing food items and preventing any wastage.


As you can see, there are several good reasons to invest in a vacuum sealer. They are incredibly useful for any kitchen and provide you with various worthwhile benefits. Air has a massive impact on food products and by keeping your food products airtight you will reap many benefits.