Vacuum sealers are machines used in the removal of oxygen from a package usually containing food. The absence of this oxygen leads to the long-term preservation of the material or food contained in the package. A vacuum packing machine is mostly used in homes to store food items, and in restaurants and cafeterias to preserve the numerous amounts of food that are purchased. After food items are vacuum sealed, they are kept in freezers to lengthen their shelf lives. Food that has been vacuum sealed can last for several months and a few years.

There are different types of vacuum packers based on where the sealing takes place. An external vacuum packer seals the package outside of the machine. Chamber-style vacuum sealers which are commonly used in homes requires the package to be placed inside the machine before it can be sealed.

The Use Of Each Vacuum Sealer

A chamber vacuum sealer works by removing all the air from a chamber in which the package is placed in. This makes pressure in both the chamber and the package equal which makes the food item in the package secure. A suction vacuum sealer, which is an external packer removes the air from the package, usually a plastic bag and seals the package. Duo vacuum sealers give you the option to seal the plastic bag either with suction or a chamber.

What Sort Of Use Are Each Vacuum Sealers Best For

Single chamber vacuum sealers are mostly used for sealing small to moderate amounts of items. It can also be used to seal liquids in a plastic bag because of equal pressure in the chamber with the bag. This way, the liquid being sealed wouldn’t be able to get out of the open part of the bag. Double vacuum chamber packers are used to seal moderate amounts of items and can be used to seal liquids. They’re used in kitchens to seal fresh and processed meat, and cheese.

Rotary belt type vacuum packers are used to seal larger amounts of items. It makes use of a belt on which the items to be sealed are placed on. The packages to be sealed are then rotated in. Automatic belt vacuum sealers make use of a conveyor belt on which the food items to be sealed are placed on. They are used to swiftly package large amounts of items at once. They can also be used to seal liquids. Other types of vacuum packers include table top vacuum sealers which are used for both light and heavy packaging.

How These Vacuum Sealers Work

Learning how to use a chamber-style vacuum sealer in your home is quite easy. First, you need to package the food into a plastic bag. You can then fold the top of the bag so it’s germ-free when it eventually gets sealed. Put the plastic bag in the chamber-sealer, close the lid, and make sure that any part of the bag is not jutting out from the sealer. If the bag protrudes from the chamber-sealer while it’s being sealed, the vacuum sealer wouldn’t be able to totally eliminate the air in the bag.

When your vacuum sealer starts to work, what it does is to lessen the pressure in the chamber to tightly seal the plastic bag. Solid food is usually sealed at a pressure of 5 to 50 milibars. Food that can easily get spoiled by very small spaces are sealed at 200 to 500 milibars. During this process, the plastic bag becomes bloated because pressure initially is higher in the bag than in the chamber. Once in a while, the swelling of the bag can cause it to be displaced off the sealing bars, thus stopping the bad from being sealed.

Heat is used to seal the plastic bag with the use of heat-sealing bars. If the bag is not properly sealed, oxygen will then get back into the bag and defeats the whole purpose of vacuum sealing. It usually takes not more than three seconds to seal the plastic bag. When the vacuum sealing is done, a valve will be opened and the chamber becomes gets full with air again.

Vacuum sealers are extremely useful machines that help save money and prevent waste of food. They work by eliminating all the air from inside a package, usually a plastic bag so the food can be preserved. A vacuum packer can be classified based on where the package is being sealed, and how many items it can take in for sealing at a time. Chamber-style vacuum sealers work by reducing the pressure in the chamber so the plastic bag can be adequately sealed. Heat-sealing bars in the vacuum sealer is used to efficiently seal the plastic bags in which the food items are placed.