sous vide or package your perishable food products like meat, cheese and vegetables, having a good, effective and reliable vacuum packing machine is imperative to many businesses. But knowing which vacuum packer is best for you and your business isn’t easy. There are a number of different vacuum packers available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and each one suitable for different needs.

Vacuum packing food can be beneficial to all businesses – big and small, so if you are thinking about getting a vacuum packing machine – or a new vacuum packing machine, how do you know which type of vacuum packer is best for you?

Some of the factors that should be considered include – how much space that you have in your kitchen for your packer, the degree of versatility that you require from it, how easy it is to clean, how robust and reliable you need it to be, what input you want from your other staff and of course, its price.

1) The Table Top Vacuum Packer

The table top vacuum packer is a single chamber variety of packer, which is small and compact enough for it to be put on a table top. They are perfect for vacuum packing small items, or small quantities – ideal for butchers, farm shops or small, artisan food producers.

A table top vacuum packer can be stored neatly on a table or work surface or put away and taken out when it is needed – depending on how much you will be using it. It also gives you the flexibility of being at the same height as your table top, making it accessible for people of all sizes. Table top vacuum packers are an excellent option for small to medium businesses who don’t need heavy duty packing but are looking for something which is mobile and still reliable.

2) Single Chamber Vacuum Packers

The versatile single chamber vacuum packers are ideal for small to medium size businesses. They are stand alone, meaning that they can be slotted into your kitchen, but also robust (made from stainless steel) and on wheels so that they can be quickly and easily moved around and fitted into any room. Single chamber vacuum packers are a bit more extensive than a table top model, giving you more options in terms of features, settings and configurations, and is a great ‘back-up’ model for any business.

There is a wide range of single chamber vacuum packers available, giving you a lot of choice over which one suits you and your business the best.

3) Double Chamber Vacuum Packers

The double chamber vacuum packers is recommended for wholesale food producers. They have been designed for heavy duty use by medium size companies and are suitable for vacuum packing all kinds of foods and liquids. The double chamber vacuum packers are designed with safety in mind, and also to help the vacuum packing process move as quickly as possible. Different lid options, for example can make the vacuum packing faster or slower, depending on your individual needs.

The double chamber vacuum packers are suitable for packing larger sizes, are easy to clean and can also offer different sealing options.

4) Industrial Vacuum Packers

Industrial vacuum packers have been specially designed for high output, larger businesses who are looking for a robust, high quality vacuum packer. For businesses who have a large number of products to vacuum pack as well as needing a reliable machine, the industrial vacuum packers are the ideal solution, with options such as manual or automatic sealing.

The industrial vacuum packers also offer a great degree of versatility and flexibility to businesses, giving you the option of vacuum packing multiple items of different sizes at the same time as well as numerous other settings and configurations which are available. They are also easy to clean and maintain and can be useful in cutting the cost of staffing.

Choosing the right vacuum packing machine is an important business decision. By getting the right machine, you can make an impact on the quality of your packing, as well as how much time you spend on vacuum packing itself, cleaning and maintenance – having a big effect on the running of your business.

By carrying out in depth research, you can find the right vacuum packing machine for you and your business, helping it to go from strength to strength and ensuring that your products are kept as fresh as they possibly can be.