Vacuum sealing items, including food, provides many advantages for businesses. This is why it makes sense for any business to invest in a reliable machine that it can trust.


So, why is this such a big concern for businesses? There are many ways in which a vacuum packing machine can be used across industries. It can be utilised to increase the lifespan of food products and protect them against damage such as freezer burn. It can also be used to protect medical products and machinery parts while decreasing the amount of space that they take up. All of this means that businesses can protect products as well as saving on the amount of space that they need in their premises, if they vacuum pack. So, which vacuum packaging machine should a business use? The WEBOMATIC WBM 1350-II can be the ideal solution. Let's examine this machine in more detail.

The team behind the WEBOMATIC WBM 1350-II

WEBOMATIC is a respected name in the world of vacuum packaging machines. Its machines have been in production since the 1950s and the company has developed a reputation for high standards of quality and performance.


All of the machines produced by WEBOMATIC have a high level of durability which means they are an excellent investment for businesses. This applies to the WBM 1350-II which is specifically designed for business operations which have a high level of output and require a robust vacuum packaging solution.

Details of the WEBOMATIC WBM 1350-II


This is a machine that is intended to provide a vacuum packing solution for a business that is packaging large amounts of product. It's a robust machine which can deal with high levels of use. The machine was designed for the vacuum packing of various different products including food items such as meat and dairy products. It is also ideally suited for use when packaging non food items such as medical technology. This makes it a flexible solution that is ideally suited for use across various industries.

Technology of the machine


The WBM 1350-II is designed to make use of the exceptional vacuum technology for which WEBOMATIC is well-known. It makes use of 2 x 1350mm seal bars, leading to efficient vacuum sealing in a variety of different uses. It is also possible for businesses to acquire a version of the machine which has adjustable seal bars.


The WBM 1350-II comes equipped with a 12″ coloured touch-screen which makes control of the machine easy for operators. The screen has multilingual options so it can be used by companies across the globe.


The machine also has a high-end programmable logic controller (PLC). This controller enables users of the machine to expertly control the temperatures involved in the sealing process. This allows for many different commercial sealing bags to be used during the process. WEBOMATIC can even take over by remote control for machine diagnosis, if the business requires it.


There are also additional features which can be added in order to improve the vacuum packaging process. These features include:


  • Special belts and division bars for use with the packaging of round or unstable products.
  • Shrink tunnels and dryer units to improve the presentation of products.


Put together, these features form a large and robust vacuum packaging machine that is perfect for use within a variety of industries.

In summary

The WEBOMATIC WBM 1350-II is a high-end vacuum packaging machine that the experts at WEBOMATIC have produced to enable businesses in a variety of different industries to vacuum pack large amounts of product, efficiently and effectively.


The machine can be used to package a number of different products including food items, machinery parts and medical products. The packaging process provided by the machine helps to protect products from damage and other factors such as bacteria. The packaging can also reduce the amount of storage space required for the items that have been packaged.


The WEBOMATIC WBM 1350-II comes equipped with a variety of different hi-spec technology, including a multilingual 12 inch screen for easy control. The PLC which is an integral part of the machine also allows businesses to have complete control over their vacuum packaging processes. In addition to the included benefits of the WBM 1350-II, it's possible for businesses to acquire a machine with additional features such as adjustable seal bars, special belts, shrink tunnels and dryer units. These features can further enhance the performance of the machine and the appearance of the products when they are wrapped.


All of this leads to the WEBOMATIC WBM 1350-II being an excellent choice of vacuum packaging solution for businesses that have high-volume vacuum packaging requirements.