WEBOMATIC Thermoformer technology has transformed the area of vacuum packing across the decades. The range of WEBOMATIC Thermoformer machines provides businesses with the means to safely and efficiently pack both food and non-food items. Packaging is completed at high speed, thereby improving the productivity levels of the business.

The WEBOMATIC brand has been at the forefront of the vacuum packing industry since 1958 and continues to be recognised for its excellence. At Pack Expo Romania 2018, the brand was the recipient of the award in the Packing Innovations category.

The history of WEBOMATIC

WEBOMATIC first produced high quality vacuum packing solutions as far back as 1958. Since then the brand has grown into a well-respected global name, helping businesses to vacuum pack products effectively, with assistance from sales partners. Despite its success, WEBOMATIC continues to innovate. When you ask the question “What is a WEBOMATIC Thermoformer” today the answer may be slightly different to what it was not long ago, from a technology point of view. However, the principle remains the same; to provide advanced vacuum packing food and non-food solutions for businesses across the world. Thermoformer technology evolves with technological progression, but it's always aimed at providing the best possible vacuum packing solutions.

Thermoforming machine ML-C 3600

WEBOMATIC has produced a variety of different thermoformer machines, to cater for different vacuum packing requirements and purchase budgets. The ML-C 3600 is one of the most popular machines with businesses of all sizes. It has a compact frame and a large filling area, thereby optimising the use of space within the business. The machine is able to process different types of films, from rigid to flexible. This means that it can be used for a variety of different vacuum packing tasks. There are also different heating formats available, to suit different requirements.

Why use a WEBOMATIC thermoformer?

Businesses use vacuum packing for a number of different reasons. All of these reasons have one thing in common; they can help improve profits that a business makes.

  • Increasing the shelf life of products. Vacuum packing a food product removes the oxygen from around it. This helps to limit the growth of aerobic bacteria, fungi and harmful organisms.
  • Maintaining the flavour of products.
  • Reducing the occurrence of freezer burn.
  • Displaying products in an enticing manner. Vacuum packing films and pouches tend to be mostly clear so the product that is contained can be displayed to its full advantage.
  • Preserving food without the need to use additives. This is a huge advantage given the movement against the use of additives in recent years.
  • Ease and speed of packing. Vacuum packing is a speedy process. This means that products can be sealed away safely and dispatched quickly helping to improve productivity levels.
  • Space saving for transportation. Many non-food items are vacuum packed before they are dispatched by businesses. The removal of the air around the product means that it takes up less space. This can help businesses to save on transportation and storage costs.

Using a WEBOMATIC Thermoformer machine enables businesses to reap all of these benefits. The wide range of machines available means that businesses can find the one that best suits their individual requirements.

Adhering to European standards

WEBOMATIC Thermoformer machines are tested to ensure that they safe to use as well as being efficient. They have the CE mark which means that they can be sold within the EU as they meet all of the  EU health, safety and environmental requirements. Obviously, this is an important consideration for any business that needs to use vacuum packing technology as part of its processes while ensuring that the health and safety of employees is protected.

Vacuum packing is widely used in both the domestic and commercial world. It enables food to be kept fresh for longer periods, saves on space and can be utilised in tasks such as cooking food sous vide. A Webomatic Thermoformer is an advanced means of vacuum packing food and non-food items. These machines make use of all of the latest technology and design enhancements to make the vacuum packing process as simple and efficient as possible. This is an important consideration for any business that has budgets and time frames to adhere to in order to ensure that productivity and profits are optimised and that the business remains competitive and continues to grow and flourish in a crowded market.