As a business running a food production facility, it’s of huge importance being able to trust the product you are creating. When it comes to mass producing food, you’ll know how many different machines and processes food has to run through, which means it’s constantly vulnerable to metal contaminants, which are dangerous for the consumer, the machinery and for the business as a whole.

That’s the problem with not having a commercial metal detector. You’re opening the doors to a whole heap of hassle, potentially. A metal detector lets you trust what’s going on in your factory, and really, that’s what automation is all about.

Food Safety

As a business producing foodstuffs, you cannot carry the risk of leaving a piece of metal in the product. The most common foreign material within food processing is metal, which can not only damage other elements of the processing system, but become a major safety hazard and health risk for consumers.

So in total that’s the machinery itself damaged, and requiring potentially expensive repair, the consumer hurt or injured, and your brand or business suffering a major quality blow, or even lawsuits. That’s an incredibly expensive combination. What’s the solution? A quality metal detector, making sure that everything passing out of your facility is completely and totally metal-free.

In some countries it’s legally required for factories and businesses producing food to meet a basic legal standard of quality control, which with the risks associated with failing to check your food production so dire, makes total sense. Letting metal get through is an extremely costly failing.

Peace of Mind

What it really comes down to, as a food producing factory, is how much your peace of mind is worth to you, as an owner or manager. If a chunk of metal is allowed to pass through, and seriously hurts, injures or even kills someone, there’s a pretty high risk of legal action, which could be crippling for your business.

A quality commercial food metal detector will let you sit back, safe in the knowledge that there’s no chance of there being any scraps of machinery left in the food, which is a commoner problem than you might guess.

With the number of machines and processes certain foods pass through, the risk of parts shearing off, or screws coming loose into the food is pretty high, considering they might be running a lot of food through them. If you don’t have a metal detector, and your food is produced by a lot of different machines, it’s almost an inevitability that you’ll end up with some metal in the food. You absolutely have to catch it.

While the risk is lower with less processed foods, it’s still very much there, and if you don’t take the necessary precautions, it’s could come round to cause major issues in future. Whether you’re a huge factory, or a smaller family business, if you’re produced large quantities of food, a commercial metal detector is just a sensible choice.