From food lovers to amateur chefs and even professionals - we all know the importance of spice and herbs in the kitchen. They bring our cookery to life with flavour and zest!


But there’s no use storing spices and herbs in your kitchen if they are losing their flavour. We know how important it is to store kitchen ingredients properly to keep them fresh and flavourful.


Have you ever considered whether vacuum sealing is the way to go for your ingredients? In this article, we'll take a closer look at vacuum sealing herbs and spices to help you find out!


Vacuum Sealing Herbs

If you're a herb enthusiast, you'll be happy to know that vacuum sealing is an effective way to preserve them. It extends their shelf life by preventing oxidation. However, it's important to note that vacuum sealing doesn't prevent decay and breakdown caused by surface bacteria and extreme temperature. Here are our top tips for avoiding this.


Vacuum Sealing Fresh Herbs

The best way to store fresh herbs is to keep them on their stems. If you want to store fresh herbs without the need for oil or drying, you need to keep them on the stems and set them in a container with roughly 1 inch of water. Then cover the container or seal plastic over it with an elastic band and store it in your refrigerator.


Vacuum Sealing Dried Herbs

It’s possible to keep dried herbs in a vacuum-sealed bag for a long time - you will always to be able to use them. But it’s worth bearing in mind that they will start to lose their flavour after around 6 months.


Vacuum Seal Spices

Now let's move onto spices! Vacuum sealing spices is entirely safe to do in the kitchen, and when done correctly, they will stay fresh for a long time. All you need to seal your spices is a sealer machine and some vacuum sealer bags.


To preserve your spices, follow the instructions on your vacuum sealer machine - but it should be as simple as placing them inside the bag and sealing it. You’ll need to make sure you keep your spices stored in a freezer or fridge - vacuum packing alone is not enough to preserve them.


What is Required for a Herb and Spice Vacuum Sealer

The bags used for preservation should be airtight at all times. The optimal temperature should be 21.1 degrees Celsius and below. Keeping them at room temperature or in areas with changing temperatures decreases their usage time. Moisture can cause your herbs and spices to rot, so ensure your ingredients and your packaging is 100% dry before you vacuum seal. And finally, keep the spices in dark places away from visible light.


Don't let your herbs and spices go to waste! Try vacuum sealing them today to keep them fresh and flavourful for longer. Follow the guidelines for storing both fresh and dried herbs, as well as spices, and enjoy the benefits of extended shelf life. Give it a try and taste the difference!