A vacuum packer is one of those kitchen gadgets you don’t realise how much you will use until you actually buy one. Vacuum packers have many beneficial uses and are safe and easy to use. This article will explain how exactly a vacuum packer works and explore the many benefits of this effective tool.

What Is Vacuum Packing?


Vacuum packing is an easy and safe process that extends the shelf life of food by removing any air surrounding the food. When the air is eliminated, heat is then used to seal strong vacuum pack bags so that the food products inside remain fresh for a longer period. Vacuum packers remove oxygen from a package and the absence of oxygen around the food items leads to long-term preservation.


There are a variety of different vacuum packaging machines available, all with different functions to suit a range of needs, for both personal and commercial use. Being able to preserve food for longer means that there will be less food spoilage, and unlike many other preservation techniques, vacuum packing food requires no need for chemicals or other additives which may negatively affect your food and health. By removing all the air around the food item, the flavours, texture, and moisture of the food are well retained and the vacuum pack bag adds a physical layer of protection around food items.

The Benefits Of Vacuum Packers

Vacuum packers are highly beneficial to any kitchen. Whether you are vacuum packing food for domestic or commercial reasons, there are many advantages you can enjoy. Vacuum packers are a great way to protect food items from freezer burn and dehydration, which can affect the food’s flavour and texture. Another beneficial use of vacuum sealing is storing seasonal items. Vacuum packing seasonal items is an easy way to have access to them year-round, and they will stay tasting wonderfully fresh.


Vacuum packing creates an efficient and organised way of storing food. Vacuum sealed food takes up less room and allows you to easily see and sort the foods you are storing. Another great benefit of vacuum packing is that it can be used to marinate and season food. Vacuum packing seals in moisture and flavours that directly marinade your food. Vacuum packing means you can buy food in bulk at a reduced cost and safely store it for future use. Vacuum packers allow you to store leftover food. Vacuum packing food is also a great way to improve food safety. Vacuum sealing removes most of the oxygen around the food item which means that harmful mould and bacteria will be prevented from growing. The physical bag barrier around vacuum-packed food also prevents any potential cross-contamination.

Vacuum Packer Options

There are a variety of different vacuum packaging machines available, all with different functions to suit different needs.

Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

A thermoformer is a large, customisable, and normally used in industrial settings. A thermoforming vacuum packaging machine uses rolls of packaging film to seal items that have been pre-loaded into thermoformed pockets.

Automatic Belt Vacuum Chamber Packer

An automatic belt vacuum chamber packer is also often used in an industrial setting due to its sturdiness and ability to deal with weight-bearing packages. These machines require slightly more manual work but are still just as highly efficient. A product is placed in packaging and then the automatic belt vacuum chamber machine pushes the package along a conveyor belt into a chamber where all the air is removed. The machine then seals the bag.

Single Vacuum Chamber Packers

Single vacuum chamber packers work in a similar fashion. An item is placed in packaging before entering the machine and once inside the chamber, the air is removed from the package and it is heat-sealed. These machines are ideal for low-volume packaging as they do not have the automatic capabilities of their industrial counterparts.

Double Vacuum Chamber Packers

Double vacuum chamber packers work in a similar fashion as single vacuum chamber machines. The product is placed in a bag and placed in the chamber before the air is removed and the package is heat-sealed. The difference is that double vacuum chamber machines can produce double the packages that the single vacuum machine can, because of its dual-chamber function.

At-Home Vacuum Packing Machines

Vacuum packaging machines for home use are lightweight and can fit on a tabletop. You place the food items in a bag and then the machine removes the air and seals the package.


We hope this article will reinspire you to invest in a vacuum packer so that you can reap all its wonderful rewards!