Cleaning and Maintaining Your Vacuum Packer

Vacuum sealing is an easy process that extends the shelf life of food by removing any air surrounding the food. When the air is eliminated, heat is then used to seal the vacuum pack bag so that the food products inside remain fresh for a longer period. This allows for the shelf life of certain [...]

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Vacuum Packer Size Guide

Vacuum packing is an easy process in which the air around a food product in a package is removed. This seals the contents airtight within a package that preserves the food products. Vacuum packing allows food materials to be efficiently packaged and preserved as the sealed bag provides a barrier to block any air, moisture, [...]

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Step by Step Guide: How to Use Your Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer can be a wondrous thing for your kitchen. Whether you are using it as a way of hygienically and efficiently storing food, reducing waste and allowing you to buy ingredients in larger quantities than you otherwise could, or whether you are planning on using it to sous vide your food, it is important [...]

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Why your restaurant would benefit from vacuum packing

Owning and running your own successful restaurant requires a skilled balancing act. It is about ensuring that you are creating and serving the best food, at good prices whilst still turning a profit for your business. In the kitchen alone, there is a substantial amount of organisation needed to ensure that you have enough ingredients for the demand [...]

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5 Ways to Fool-Proof Your Catering Company

As the owner of a catering company, it is important that you are aware of many of the responsibilities that you have towards both your staff and your customers. Unlike many other businesses, a catering company has a lot of extra potential pitfalls that need to be considered to make sure that you don’t get yourself into trouble – both from [...]

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Why Your Catering Business Needs to Put Hygiene First

If you have any sort of business which involves food, hygiene should of the utmost importance. In fact, hygiene is integral to not only ensuring that you and your customers are kept safe but also the overall success of your business.  For people who are working with food – whether it is preparing, storing, serving or selling, [...]

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How Vacuum Sealers Extend the Expiry Date of your Food

Food wastage is a massive global issue as it directly impacts world hunger and global warming. Total global food wastage and loss is estimated to be between a third and half of all food produced, and it is estimated that nearly a billion people experience extreme hunger every day. We can all play a part [...]

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Why Vacuum Sealers are a Good Investment

A vacuum sealer is a kitchen gadget that is worth investing in. It’s the sort of gadget that you don’t realise how much you’ll end up using it - until you have one! Vacuum sealers remove the air out of a container or bag so that the contents remain airtight. This protects the food from [...]

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Why Is Vacuum Sealing Fruits & Vegetables Useful

Nothing beats fresh, seasonal produce. Whether it’s from your local grocery store, farmers market, or your very own garden, the sight of abundant, fresh produce is a joyful one. What is a great disappointment is when a fruit and vegetable’s harvest season comes to an end. Every fruit and vegetable has a specific harvest time [...]

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How Food Machinery Aids The Food Distribution Process

These days there is a wide variety of food items available to us at grocery stores. The shelves are always fully stocked with plenty of options for consumers to purchase. All these food products go through a long journey filled with many processes before they arrive at the stores we shop in. There is a [...]

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