Prevent Cross Contamination in Your Food Processing Facility

Cross-contamination of food can cause several serious health risks, including food poisoning and allergen exposure. Cross-contamination is when microorganisms and bacteria are unintentionally passed from one food to another and this cross-contact is commonly caused by unwashed hands, boards, utensils and knives. Food can become contaminated before preparation, during, or after. Therefore, teaching staff how [...]

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Single Chamber vs Double Chamber Vacuum Packers

  Vacuum packers are used throughout the world to prolong the shelf life of food items and to provide more efficient and streamlined storage options through reducing the volume of the package. People do it with items of clothing to save space and companies in every country use it to package food that will last [...]

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How long does food last in a vacuum pack

The length of time for which you can store food is important, from a safety and taste point of view. The storage period can be extended by using vacuum sealing. This process involves the storing of food in specially designed vacuum packs. The vacuum packaging process removes air from the packaging and an air-tight seal [...]

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Why are Metal Detectors so Important for the Food Industry?

Within the food production industry, there is perhaps no bigger contaminant material than metal. Due to its abundant use in all stages of food processing, the material is often found in the raw foodstuffs. It is essential that this is located and move before the packaging stage to guarantee the safety of consumers and the [...]

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What is a WEBOMATIC Thermoformer?

WEBOMATIC Thermoformer technology has transformed the area of vacuum packing across the decades. The range of WEBOMATIC Thermoformer machines provides businesses with the means to safely and efficiently pack both food and non-food items. Packaging is completed at high speed, thereby improving the productivity levels of the business. The WEBOMATIC brand has been at the [...]

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How does a vacuum packing machine work?

Vacuum packing a product reduces the amount of oxygen that surrounds it and limits the growth of aerobic bacteria and fungi. This means that food products can be stored for longer than would normally be possible.  In the case of food such as cereals, nuts, smoked fish and cured meats these storage times can be [...]

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Vacuum packaging – what does the future hold?

Vacuum packaging technology has been embraced by businesses across the globe over recent years. The growth in its use shows no signs of abating in the future. The technology enables businesses to significantly increase the shelf life of products, thereby increasing potential for sales and improving profits. Vacuum packaging can also reduce wastage, which saves [...]

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Using a Vacuum Packing Machine – Top 6 Advantages

Vacuum packing machines can be used in any kitchen, domestic and commercial. They enable the sealing of food in air tight packages, easily and quickly. An initial investment is required in order to purchase a vacuum packing machine. But the benefits that result from being able to vacuum pack food provide a good return on [...]

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How Quality Metal Detectors Guarantee the Safety of Your Food

Modern food mass production can be incredibly complicated, and produce some amazingly high quality, and delicious products. But the downside of using all that great automated machinery is a lot of moving, metal, parts. How can you mitigate the risk of those parts falling or shearing off and ending up in the food? The Problem [...]

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How vacuum packaging is increasing shelf life in the food industry

As more and more emphasis is placed on prolonging shelf life in the food industry, in a safe and affordable manner, vacuum packaging is being utilised to ever increasing levels. The global vacuum packing industry continues to thrive as industrialisation across the globe continues apace. Every aspect of the food industry utilises vacuum packaging technology, [...]

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