Floor Standing Bandsaws

First Food Machinery are proud to supply Kolbe and MEDOC, both of whom are well known manufacturers of food processing machinery renowned for their build quality and robustness. All Floor Standing Bandsaws are made from stainless steel and are designed for medium to high output. 

Our Floor Standing Bandsaws are ideal for industrial operations such as catering/wholesale butchers and meat processors.

Kolbe Range

Kolbe are a very well known German manufacturer of food processing machinery, renowned for their robustness and longevity. All models are made from high quality stainless steel.

K330S – Max cutting height 320mm , Max cutting thickness 280mm

K380RS – Max cutting height 340mm, Max cutting thickness 357mm

K430S – Max cutting height 415mm, Max cutting thickness 410mm

K440RS- Max cutting height 415mm, Max cutting thickness 410mm

K800 – Max cutting height 630mm, Max cutting thickness 800mm. 


The Medoc STL range of Floor Standing Bandsaws are constructed in stainless steel. These machines are made in Spain and are designed for heavy use and suitable for long shifts.

The bandsaws vary in sizes from the STL350 through to the STL 900.  The bandsaw blades are held in place by the auto-blade tensioner and blade guides. The blade cleaners are removable without the use of tools to allow for a fast and easy blade replacement process.

The bandsaw has stainless steel pulleys with double flaps and a safety device to stop the blade from turning within 4 seconds.

The Medoc STL bandsaws are sealed to IP65 dust and water protection levels and have incredibly easy access to allow for maintenance and cleaning. The machine can be washed under pressure if necessary.

The bandsaw is available as a left or right hand side machine to suit all customers, and comes complete with product pusher or half sliding table and a thickness plate to increase cutting accuracy.

MEDOC STL 350 – Max cutting height 350mm, Max cutting thickness 275mm

MEDOC STL 390 – Max cutting height 400mm, Max cutting thickness 335mm

MEDOC STL 430 – Max cutting height 420mm, Max cutting thickness 375mm

MEDOC STL 480 – Max cutting height 480mm, Max cutting thickness 425mm

MEDOC STL 800 – Max cutting height 600mm, Max cutting thickness 800mm

For more details including pricing please contact us. Leasing and rentals available subject to status.