First Food Machinery supply, service and repair a wide range of bandsaws. Whether it is a table top machine or a large roller table machine that you require, we have the solution for you.

We supply two manufacturers Kolbe and MEDOC, whom are both well known reputable manufacturers who specialise in building high quality food processing machinery.

Table top machines are ideal for small operations such as butcher shops, farm shops, restaurants and caterers where the machine will be used less frequently and in smaller batches. For this purpose we would recommend MEDOC who are a well known Spanish Manufacturer of food processing machinery. 

Floor standing machines are designed to be used in medium to large scale operations such as wholesale butchers, catering butchers and food manufacturers. These machines are designed for heavier use and large batches. For this we have two manufacturers, MEDOC as mentioned above and Kolbe. Kolbe is a well known German manufacturer renowned for building high quality machinery. 

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Our selection of Bandsaws:

Table Top Bandsaws

We supply MEDOC who is a well known Spanish manufacturer of processing machinery. Please click here for more details.

Floor Standing Bandsaws

We supply a wide range of floor standing bandsaws from two manufacturers, Kolbe and MEDOC. Please click here for more details.

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