The Advantages of Vacuum Sealing Your Food

The microbes and germs which grow in the air around us cause food to spoil. Vacuum food sealing removes the air from around food, helping to protect it from these microbes and germs. This helps food to remain fresh for longer periods of time. The benefits of this process have made it popular in the food industry, from manufacturers to restaurant owners.

Whether you are trying to preserve food in a domestic or commercial environment, there are several advantages you can get from vacuum sealing. In order to understand these advantages, it’s important to know how a vacuum sealing machine works.

The way that vacuum sealers work

The process of vacuum sealing is quick, efficient and simple if you use a reliable vacuum packing machine. Once the vacuum bag is filled with the product, it then needs to be placed into the machine. Once the lid of the machine is closed, the process begins. This process involves the vacuum pump removing air from the chamber where the bag has been placed. This means that air is drawn away from the bag itself.

Once the air has been extracted from the bag, the bag is then sealed. This is done by smelting the inner sides of the bag. Once this part of the process has been completed, the bag is sealed tightly and no air can get in from outside. Following the sealing of the bag, the pressure inside and outside of the chamber is balanced, and the lid of the chamber opens. The bag can then be removed.

This is the process of vacuum sealing that is repeated until all items are packaged appropriately. The process is an efficient one and brings many different advantages.

Benefits of vacuum sealing food

Food is a precious commodity. This is why it’s so important to make best use of it. Vacuum sealing food helps to make this happen. Food waste is reduced, and food that is sold and eaten is preserved, protected and retains a high quality of taste for longer.

The preservation of food

The major advantage of vacuum sealing is that food remains in good condition for a longer period of time. From a commercial perspective this helps to restrict the amount of money lost through potential spoilage. From a domestic perspective, this means that families can buy food in bulk, and preserve it, thereby saving money.

The protection of food

Vacuum sealing does not just help to preserve food; it helps to protect it too. Using this type of packaging helps to prevent freezer burn. It also helps to preserve moisture in food, protecting it from dehydration.

The presentation of food

Any food retailer wants the products that they sell to look good, in order to attract customers to them. Vacuum sealing products means that the fresh looking contents of the packaging can be fully displayed, attracting the attention of potential purchasers.

The extension of shelf life

A major benefit that retailers get from vacuum packaging is the extension of shelf life. They can keep products on the shelf for longer, and the products will continue to sell well as they retain a fresh appearance.

Easy and effective food storage

In the home, the effective storage of food is important, in order to get good value for money and avoid as much wastage as possible. Most foods that are vacuum sealed can be kept in a refrigerator for 1-2 weeks and in a freezer for 2-3 years. Another important storage benefit is that vacuum sealed food takes up less space.

Retention of taste quality

Vacuum food sealers helps to preserve the moisture of food. This means that the food has a fresh and juicy taste. This is an important benefit to people who buy food to eat, and to retailers who want to make their food attractive to purchasers.

Vacuum sealing protects food in a commercial and domestic setting. This makes food safe to eat for longer. It also helps to protect the flavour of food. From a commercial point of view, this helps businesses to make best use of the food that they produce, sell or serve and therefore helps them to optimise their profits. From a domestic point of view, vacuum packed food can be safely stored, meaning that food items can be purchased in bulk. You can see just how advantageous vacuum sealing your food can be, if you want to optimise the use of food, as well as benefiting financially.

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